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  4. Nếu bạn có một thiết bị sử dụng iOS mà lại không biết đến Cydia thì thực sự là một điều đáng tiếc.

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Imessage waiting for activation fix ios 6 NEXT Activate iphone 5 ios 6. How to block calls without caller id ios 7 NEXT However, Android as a platform continues to be a mess. What that really means is kind of hard to explain but the above article makes some very good points on it. If you want to implement features or sell apps, you will care a whole lot. The non-fragmented platform will get new apps and new features first. Which then results in a better experience on a device level. Bang per watt - Fortune. Louis Vuitton Outlet. More and more developers will launch and iterate on Android first, then launch on Apple as the iteration cycles are just too long to bear.

Apple will become a laggard when it comes to the best apps. The way I see it Android remains a much smaller platform than iOS. Compare those activation numbers.

Thông tin chi tiết Thay camera trước, sau iPhone 5, 5C, 5S

Think again. The entire point of the article is that Apple will blow the world away because of their Bluetooth LE and mobile proximity payments…which could be available on EVERY Bluetooth 4 device, practically all the expensive Android phones that came since this Jan and will come thereafter. Right, no one would consider offering, say, a payment service to the user community most likely to use it to pay for things In fact they might have planned to release on iOS first anyway which would work in your scenario.

Do you expect Apple to allow this same standard on other devices? Think iTunes. This will all be accomplished via the Apple user ID, which your credit card number, making credit transactions seamless through iBank or some such. And the larger point was made with Bluetooth LE which the 4S and up do support.

In a month, the only new iPhones sold will presumably support both of these technologies. I have different views. To know the strides made by Android over the past year, you should, rather you must visit India. In India, no one buys an iPhone, Android has gotten so dominant here, I doubt Apple would break through the Indian market in coming years now. This is because Apple has just not innovated enough around the ecosystem and has not actually pushed the price point barrier hard enough.

Respect the breadth of the analysis, but lacks depth. PS; I am an Apple user — use the imac, but have moved to Nexus4 and am delighted with the experience. Smartphones Finally Outsold Dumbphones cumulusreport. Not only for payments, once the technology has matured, but for activating passbook deals, acknowledging iBeacons, and much much more. Great post Steve with some original angles on familiar topics — thanks.

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Địa chỉ cửa hàng SỬA CHỮA IMAC uy tín tại HNCOM - Thái Hà, Hà Nội

I also think that the ability to seamlessly access content about things by tapping is an ultra-localised process e. Get a free sample! Steve, you have clarified a very important dynamic that I have not seen addressed elsewhere with a scholarly and objective analysis. You are to be commended on so thoughtfully and thoroughly explaining a little known aspect of the evolution of mobile near-field communications.

Thanks, and I look forward to reading more of your excellent work in the future. All the best, Bert. I both develop Android and IOS. I develop both Android and IOS. Programming language is irrelevant. What do you mean irrelevant. Who will create those fancy stuff apps which the market are craving for? The reason why Windows Phone is not in this conversation is again Windows cannot produce a good hardware that could compete with Apple. Not to mention the portability of C unless you will use those crappy Xamarin products. The large portion why this conversation occur is because of those stuff inside their Phone.

Its true C is a friendly language which is copied from Java. The reason why Windows Phone is not part of this conversation is again because of their hardware capability. The portability of C is pain in the ass not unless you will use that crappy Mono or Xamarin products. You prove my point: Header files are an artifact of single-pass compilation. Forward declaration class is an anachronism. And yet Apple is 2 in marketshare and 1 in profitshare.

Because the truth is that if your products and services are compelling enough to attract a critical mass of users, overcoming any potential switching costs, then you will get developers because they want to access that market. Microsoft squandered all of its natural advantages—better developer tools, better services—due to a lack of leadership. C has got nothing to do with it. Phenomenal post. I really think you hit the nail on the head by mentioning the impact of a fragmented and an integrated system.

Yes, it can hurt Apple with Market Share globally but with support from Developers and New services in the form of apps I think they will hold on to the US market for quite sometime. All-in-one Internet Search: Finance Awesome! Having read all the posts I feel that most contributors are still looking backwards. The real future that consumers will want to be able to access in the most efficient way is IoE and that means Bluetooth Smart. This is especially true when the BLE nodes no longer require batteries. This is what will kill NFC.

Both Apple and Google have made plays to address IoE but neither seems compelling. This is a great and insightful article; I see why it has touched a nerve among the Android-is-winning crowd. Windows all over again. Considering its innards are rumored to be more like 4S, if not 5, why should it start selling 5C way below iP4 prices?

It remains to be seen what the price is going to be, but think about it: Apple knows for the 5C to be a real option for price sensitive customers, it has be significantly less expensive than an unsubsidized iPhone 4 or 4S.

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Lightning port? Visual differentiation between high and low end? China 3G support? BOM of a typical phone variable cost is fairly easy to calculate, regardless of how well all those pieces are integrated together fixed cost. Unless 5C is designed on purpose to be not-so-smart similar to how Shuffle and Nano is designed to be less than an iPod Touch without making them feel sub-standard, the costs cannot go down all that much.

Then in that case 5C is doomed for low sales as customers in other parts of the world already have better choices smarter fully featured and really capable Android phones at the same low cost price as 5C. And in this age of information, customers are not so retarded that they will fall for 5C just because its an Apple phone. They way we see it, our userbase in roughly fragmented into four categories: So fragmentation definately affects the cost of iOS development, and in fact more so than Android development.

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And technologies like iBeacon will probably not get a lot of traction, because of the low market penetration of iPhones. I realise that in the US things are probably different, because consumers actually buy a significant amount of iPhones. Friday Morning News. NFC is dead? What Apple is great at is taking geeky technology and turning it into features that regular people can actually use. And create APIs that developers can turn into compelling products. And Apple wins. I totally agree with you. Only a geek can actually hack into his android phone and update it.

Rest of non-geek users are stuck with that OS. Most see choices, while some see fragmentation. I prefer an Android to that suits me, rather than a too tiny of a screen iPhone. Albert, what source are you using to state there are m iOS devices in the world? Regarding services, totally agree. Isis is being rolled out in the US nationally after a successful pilot earlier this year. With the install base of NFC devices growing rapidly every day expect other payment and non payment using NFC to increase. Someone has been feeding you bad data.

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You were adding in iPad. Probably better to just talk iPhone only rather than including tablets, etc as the majority of NFC services will be smartphone orientated.

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Re Apple having a huge last qtr, they probably will but Samsung is selling against Apple and Samsung global market share is almost double Apple. Phones in use from seems like a stretch as well. I also included only and newer sales. Even just iPhones from to now is easily million. You should simply thank me for the correction and move on. NFC install base is larger than iPhone install base, that should paint a pretty straight forward picture of how Apple fit into the entire jigsaw puzzle ie they will have a minor share vs. In the meantime people will continue to switch from Apple because it is now viewed as a device that is behind others in market S4, One X, Lumia, Note II, etc.

Users are not switching away from the iPhone. Apple continues to sell more and more, every year. Apple also does very well with people buying their second smartphone, better than any other vendor, Samsung is in second place. That is simply not true. The market is also segmented. By you trying to argue that Apple is the largest selling smartphone maker is really concerning for the fact that it seems you actually believe it.

Look at any sales data from any reputable source and Apple is nowhere near Samsung, look at the global shares, if you look at last 12 months you will see Samsung is surging ahead of Apple. What I said was that iOS device sales continue to increase. That is a fact, it cannot be disputed if you can add. Android is also doing very well. One of the articles of faith in the Church of Market Share is that all customers are equally valuable. But of course that is pure nonsense, ask anyone who operates a business.

The point you failed to understand was never about Android vs. You did actually indicate that Apple was doing poorly when you suggested an iOS install base of to million, which is ridiculous and incorrect. I have not adjusted my view, at all. That is a simple, obvious truth. Try to focus on objective truth instead. Who said Apple was going to kill NFC?

It is going to die on its own as other solutions become more popular. Engagement data tells us very clearly this cannot be the case. But I digress, this entire discussion started with a simple correction of your million to million iOS install base number.

Nếu bạn có một thiết bị sử dụng iOS mà lại không biết đến Cydia thì thực sự là một điều đáng tiếc.

I think we can agree you were way off there. Nuff said.

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Required Reading Regarding Mobile shpot. Required Reading Regarding Mobile cschramm. Required Reading Regarding Mobile. Required Reading Regarding Mobile iyaan. Required Reading Regarding Mobile Heavenarticles. Required Reading Regarding Mobile cigarko. Very interesting points. BirthTechDay Bonanza: Furlo Bros Tech Podcast. Your post assumes that Google will continue developing Android. Considering they make nothing directly from it and have clearly slowed development, it appears they are beginning to shift to supporting the Chrome OS over Android.

Android is a Linux distribution. It is another distribution just like other distributions used in embedded devices in your footnote [1]. Differentiating Android from Linux collectively makes no sense, if you do not differentiate between the different embedded Linux distributions, since Android itself is another embedded Linux distribution. Not sure why iWatch is considered non-mobile. Is that because it will supposedly be an iPhone peripheral instead of a standalone connected device?

Samsung released its smart watch and it works only with samsung galaxy phones. Every company target is to support their own devices. Technable Making you Technically Able. If you have data that suggests otherwise please share. Regarding your comments regarding NFC, you fail to acknowledge or understand what is going on around you. You think a multi billion dollar deployment like Isis is just for fun? Multi-billion dollar rollout or not, this is a blip for majors.

My ultimate hope is that regardless the operating, either my wife android phone or myself iPhone can pay for the next movie we go to. Animal Bedding. Holy smokes…I just coughed out my evening cereal at such goodness and shared it far and wide. Real Estate Law Center Complaints. Required Reading Regarding Mobilemobilemakers mobilemakers. Real Estate Law Center Reviews. Binary Options. Email List. Apple iWatch Rumors: Repeat after me: A Linux distribution often called distro for short is a member of the family of Unix-like operating systems built on top of the Linux kernel.

Such distributions are operating systems including a large collection of software applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, media players, and database applications.

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  5. These operating systems consist of the Linux kernel and, usually, a set of libraries and utilities from the GNU Project, with graphics support from the X Window System. Distributions optimized for size may not contain X and tend to use more compact alternatives to the GNU utilities, such as BusyBox, uClibc, or dietlibc. Android is a Linux distribution, and is an addition to the Linux ecosystem — not a challenger. Painting it as such is just a sign of ignorance. Why you may ask?

    Because the iPhone 5c is cheaper to make and is crappier, therefore bigger Profit margins for apple. And the iPhone 5c is the same price as the iPhone 5 is now… Get my point? And then sued them for copyright infringement. Software Industry Insights. Anthony Morrison. Visitas En Youtube. Fondue com espeto. Required Reading Regarding Mobile — Haywire. More Bonuses. Click In this article. More Support. See Apple's own Orange Fish as an example. The bad news is that interactive live wallpapers, such as your ripple-on-touch idea, won't work.

    Thanks Max. That was very helpful. Although I am wondering whether it is a technical limitation or a policy restriction on the part of apple. Samsung android has these kind of wallpapers for years now. Perhaps they're holding the idea of interective live wallpapers over till next year to market them with the 7 series. But if someone was to create a custom video with these settings is there away to set it as a wallpaper? I downloaded the Orange Fish video and transfered it to the Library on my phone but I do not see an option to set it as my wallpaper. I also came across this dump of all of the system live wallpapers, but they don't seem to work as Live Photos.

    Invalid video metadata. You don't have JavaScript enabled. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled.