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MayImilae Princess of Optimism. Regarding your issues, are you using the custom kext? Thank you!

How to use the Official GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U in Dolphin

I have downloaded the smashenabler kext but AAI'm not entirely sure what I'm supposed to do with it: KHg8m3r Doesn't sleep, just Dolphin and Robots. If you follow the instructions in this thread, does it work for you? Thank you so much! This has been giving me gray hair for 24 hours. View a Printable Version Subscribe to this thread. Forum Jump: Linear Mode. Threaded Mode. Mar Maybe this isn't a dolphin problem perse but it is affecting my ability to use it. Find Reply , Fortunately, the HID protocol has taken this into account. What you do is you group each device into a group known as a 'collection', and you can place multiples of these collections in a single HID report.

The only caveat is the first byte in each description has to be a 'report id' so that each can be uniquely identified. This is explained in more detail in an excellent blogpost by Frank Zhao, which proved an invaluable resource as I attempted to teach myself. I ended up with a descriptor that looked like. Each controller corresponds to a report ID which is a byte long , six analog axes left stick x and y, right stick x and y, and triggers , each with a full byte of resolution, followed by 12 buttons four for the D-Pad, four face buttons, start, Z, and the trigger 'clicks' that are a bit each, and then four bits of padding so that the whole thing fits neatly into a whole number of bytes.

So now, all we have to do is give the OS this report descriptor, and then make sure the reports we supply are in this format, and everything should work! While Apple frowns on users building their own kexts, in this case a kext is required as otherwise the normal HID driver will take control of the adapter.

As mentioned above, it's not quite a normal HID device, and so the adapter won't work at all there's that pesky initialisation packet. Prior to OSX Since As an alternative, you can disable signing, which is what I did, but this is a slight security risk and is annoying for distribution, having to explain to your users that this is required and what the consequences are. For now, however, I ploughed on accepting this to be a necessary evil. This had seemed surprisingly straightforward so far. Suspiciously so. My first attempt that compiled and installed correctly, however, had a significant bug.

The first controller port worked perfectly.

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The second controller port? Less so. The same was true of the third and fourth ports, too.

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The program I was using to test this driver was Dolphin , the multiplatform Gamecube and Wii emulator. In Dolphin, when configuring the additional controllers, the button presses were detected, but when I tried to actually use them, it was only the first controller that was detected. I begrudgingly paid for Joystick Show to see what was going on.

This reported only one controller - but with 24 axes and 48 buttons. But OpenEmu showed four controllers.

Mac High Sierra - Wii U Adapter Not Detected

Indeed, OpenEmu was the only program I could find that showed four controllers, with most others agreeing with Joystick Show that I had only one controller plugged in. Now, whenever Nintendo does something right, they always make a lot of money - as long as they are able to meet demand.

The Gamecube adapter was a case where they were unable to meet demand , and as a result a third party stepped up to the plate. I managed to find a user online who had this adapter, and was disappointed to discover that its HID descriptor was almost identical to the one I had crafted myself.

Drivers on OSX

It even showed the same behaviour in Dolphin as my own driver. It is confirmed that it works in Windows - without drivers - so it looks like the fault lies with OSX in how it deals with multi-collection HID descriptors. I had heard rumours than an earlier 2-port version of the Mayflash GameCube adapter worked correctly. The rumours were true - both ports worked correctly. A quick dump through USB prober proved disappointing, however - it was presenting as a device with multiple interfaces , each of which represented a single controller, and each of which had its own HID descriptor.

So maybe I could adopt that approach here.

4-Port Controller Adapter for GameCube to Switch/ Wii U/ PC/ Mac - Hyperkin

This is, after all, how wjoy allows the Wiimotes to be used so universally - by intercepting the Bluetooth devices' readouts, and then mapping them to virtual HID VHID devices. So I explored that approach - very briefly. Unfortunately, some of the packages used by VHID had other ideas:. I was unable to use it in a kext.

With no way to create extra interfaces, and no way to get the demonstrated correct HID descriptor to work, it looks like a kext-only solution is going to be somewhere between 'very difficult' and 'impossible' to pull off. I am happy to be proven wrong; getting a kext-only solution would be the best solution with the lowest lag, so I see myself coming back to this in the future.

The implementation, as-is with only port one working correctly, can be found on GitHub. If you are only concerned about playing single player with the lowest amount of lag, I would even recommend that driver rather than the one I describe in the next section, which operates in userspace. Unsurprisingly, I was not the only person with the will and the inclination to dive into all of this. A user on Reddit came up with a userspace driver , which had the distinction of having all four controller ports working.

It did this by creating virtual HID devices using wjoy, as I explored above, but did it in userspace.

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Unfortunately, it worked by polling the USB device every 5ms and then updating the fake HID devices it created, which introduced a frame's worth of lag some of the time - something that would be totally unacceptable to the hardcore community, but probably fine for most people. Indeed, he got a lot of feedback on his driver, and presumably lots of people are happily using it.